Building a New Generation

Of Decentralized Financial Fluidity.

Robinland is a bridge between trad-fi and defi: we turn real estate assets into defi native collateral by tokenization, which allows Robinland to channel liquidity from defi lenders to developers.

Our Mission

Embracing Innovation

For Real Estate Developers.

We are a new breed of financing that dominates your existing options - banks, real estate PE, and crowdfunding platforms - both in terms of speed and cost.

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Lower Cost

Defi lenders provide much lower cost of financing compared to traditional sources like banks, real estate PE or crowdfunding platform.

Faster Turnaround

Thanks to the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) system, approvals for credit are much faster than traditional sources of financing.

Stable Financing

Unlike bank financing that can be retracted for arbitrary reasons, the revolving credit lines from Defi lenders ensures stability of financing for borrowers.

Unlocking Opportunities

For DeFi Lenders.

We allow DeFi Lenders to expand their RWA (real world asset) collateral pool without the hassle of dealing with real-world logistics and operations.

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High Quality Collateral

Robinland integrates one of the highest quality collateral - real estate - into the DeFi lending ecosystem.

Hassle Free RWA

With Robinland turning RWA into DeFi-native assets, DeFi lender can enjoy the stability brought by real world asset without real world hassle.

Risks, Managed

With our proprietary project evaluation system, Robinland serves as the risk controller and also buffers the DeFi lender from defaults of underlying asset.